Exercise: Exercise puppies


  • Very young puppies shouldn’t have too much exercise. Running around and playing in the garden will do for the first few weeks. By the time they have finished their vaccinations they should be ready for very short walks on the park.
  • Large breed puppies in particular, must have restricted exercise during their first year or so, or may develop permanent lameness. Until your puppy is fully grown slowly build up the amount of exercise that you give.
  • Although young puppies can get enough exercise from running around the home and garden, remember that you will need to carry your puppy out and about in order to socialise him.
  • You will need to restrict exercise but at the same time you need to allow your puppy to rest and sleep as much as he wants. You wouldn’t wake up a baby to play with it, so don’t do it to your puppy. Give him an area away from the noisy centre of your home, where any children in the house can’t disturb him when he needs a sleep. 
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  • An African wolf dog known as the Basenji is the only dog in the world that cannot bark

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