Christmas 2011: Ho No No! Take Puppies Off the Christmas Wish List

This year, we are launching our “Ho, No, No” campaign, to target Harrods and other pet shops across the UK and encourage them to help prevent pet sales that are regretted once the festive season is over.

We're asking supporters to send a FREE* Christmas Card to Harrods or an outlet of their choice to ask them to stop selling puppies at Christmas. 

It will take just a minute of your time, but will help us send the message that owning a dog is a serious commitment. Please consider urging your friends and family to join you by sending them to

*Dogs Trust is funding the free cards. If you want to help our message go even further and help dogs at the same time, you can opt to pay for a card yourself. This will be much appreciated!

If you do know someone who is thinking of getting a puppy, or are considering it yourself, please see and share the following resources:

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  • Dogs can be trained to detect epileptic seizures!

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