Behavioural Issues: Behaviour Problems

Many dogs show unwanted behaviour, whether they have come from rescue or not, but why does this happen and what can you do about it?

All dogs are individuals and have different genetics and experiences that will shape how they turn out and interact with their owners, other people, dogs and animals – so it’s really hard, if not impossible to generalise about them. However, there are some common factors that could create problems in dogs, so we will describe these problems in this factsheet.

We should remember that some behaviours, although unwanted from our point of view, may be totally normal and natural for a dog – e.g. barking at the doorbell or digging in the garden. These kinds of behaviours usually need a simpler approach than ‘abnormal’ behaviour problems and will involve positive reinforcement training to teach the dog to perform an acceptable alternative behaviour instead – however, sometimes they can be difficult to change, simply because they are natural, normal behaviours.

Ultimately though, any dog with a behaviour problem causing concern must first be seen by a vet to rule out possible physical causes, before being referred to a reputable behaviourist.

Red more about Dog Behaviour Problems in our factsheet.

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  • Every dog on earth likely descended from a species known as the Tomarctus – a creature that roamed the earth over 15million years ago

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